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About us

More Than Just Another Gym

At Next Level Fitness, our vision is to deliver a sea of change in how many people see the gym as a scary, intimidating place.  Our coaching facility is small, intimate and personal. We don't do mirrors and we certainly don't have egos here.

We believe that true strength is not defined by the weights you are lifting, but rather how you carry yourself throughout life. From work, relationships, food, sleep and more, we want to empower our members with lifestyle choices that strengthen their outlook on life as a whole. 

At Next Level Fitness, we are so much more than just another gym- we are a community of real people who want to do everything we can to help other normal people reach their highest potential. 


Other than that, our ‘wee gym’ is a home for people who want to escape the stress of the outside world- a place where everyone is welcome, in an environment where we encourage, motivate and inspire each other to be more. 

At Next Level Fitness our 3 main Core Values are:

1. Respect - we earn respect by respecting others. Our gym is built around a value of unbiased respect towards beliefs, abilities, gender, race and more. We give respect and demand it in return. Simple 

2. Fun & Transparency - we are as real as they come. We don’t take life too seriously, and believe in being honest & upfront with our members. Whilst we want to get the best out of your workouts, we also value the importance of being ‘real’ - no fake promos or pushy sales consultants; just people who want to help you.

3. Education & Empowerment - we strive to empower our members with the tools they need to succeed not only in the gym, but outside of it too. The Quality coaching we provide contributes to better fitness education, and thus ignites a better quality of life all round. 

Be More



With over 15 years of combined coaching experience, Julie and Marisa have exactly what our members need and deserve

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