SGT 3.0 Booking Deposit


THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS - please contact us via email for minimum requirments form.


The ultimate strength and conditioning training programme for females who want to get stronger, move better and drop body fat.


Starts week beginning 6th of April for 6 weeks


Total price:


£120 per person - £60 deposit / £60 remainder to be paid on the first day


0600am - Group 1 - Tuesday's and Thursday's


1000am - Group 2 - Monday's and Wednesday's


1930pm - Group 3 - Tuesday's and Thursday's


(Mix and Match of sessions is available if participants work shifts etc. please leave a note on your booking as to which group you prefer)


What is SGT?


Small Group Training is Personal Training and coaching in a small focus group of 2-6 people. SGT is a popular method of training as it allows participants to get all the benefits of Personal Training without the extra costs! PT normally costs between 30-50 pounds per session.


With this SGT, you'll get 12 sessions for the price of 4!


SGT is perfect for those who want to get started with weight lifting, mobility and fat loss training. In this programme, we place particular emphasis on strength and getting as lean as possible, so throughout this programme, you can expect to see visible changes!


How does it work?


SGT lasts 6 weeks. It comprises of 2x1 hour Private training sessions per week with our coaches Julie and Marisa.


We will not only get you results in body composition, but we will teach you how to move effectively, lift weights correctly and improve your overall quality of life and gym performance.


Training Application


When you sign up to SGT, you'll automatically recieve access to our NLF training app. Each participant will get a detailed training programme, and the app will allow all participants to track, monitor and record workouts during each session.


You can chart each exercise against your last, making it easy to progress and improve week by week.


Progress is key!


Our training app will also allow you to track nutritional habits, follow your own specific calorie targets, upload your progress photos and more! This is all done under the guidance of your coaches, meaning no hassle setting up! Who's it for? SGT is aimed at those who want to learn more about lifting weights, improve their overall body composition, reduce fat mass, and improve strength.


Main Benefits:


- Affordable

- Full body mass assessment included

- Improved Confidence

- Increased Strength

- Increased lean muscle & toning

- Better posture and technique

- Quality Coaching

- Private Coaching

- Group Motivation

- 1-1 Nutritional Advice


Where is it?


Our SGT groups take place at our facility at UNIT 10, Woolsey Shopping Complex, Moy Road, Portadown. Each session is completely private, meaning our groups get the attention and privacy they deserve and require.


Ok, Count me in!


Numbers are extremley limited and places fill up fast, so you can secure your place fast by booking online, or using the contact form to arrange a cash payment to us. #BeMore #TeamNLF



Next Level Fitness

Unit 10 Woolsey Shopping Complex

108 Moy Road



Contact: +44 7597162481