5 Week Challenge
  • 5 Week Challenge


    The BIG NLF 5 Week Challenge!


    Are you ready to get your life back on track and your body in shape after a few weeks of Summer Livin’ 😎 😁 🎉

    We know how hard it is to stay motivated after a few weeks of over-indulging 👀 🐽 😋 #AlwaysWorthItTho - that’s why we want to give you some accountability, know-how and structure in 2022.... plus a little extra prize incentive 🤩

    Our 5 Week challenge is designed to help you shred unwanted body fat, sculpt and tone your entire physique, plus strengthen your mindset, unlock your nutrition and improve your health! 🔥 💦 ❤️

    Sounds so simple right?

    So, how does it work? 🤔

    Before commencing, each participant has the option to submit current bodyweight, alongside optional measurements and progress photos (these will be kept private!)

    Our NLF coaches will then assign all participants with a set of weekly tasks to complete, including workouts, nutritional challenges and mindset tasks… (these will be posted on our private group page)

    (Workouts can be completed ONLINE or AT THE GYM, and can br completed at any time!)

    All workouts and tasks MUST be completed with evidence in order to be in with a chance of winning our membership prize! The participant(s) with the most adherence to the tasks wins! - EASY!

    What’s included?

    - Unlimited access to our membership page with over 500+ pre-recorded classes.

    - Outdoor group walk & group hike to celebrate finishing.

    - Access to our exclusive 5 Week Challenge Group Page

    - Bonus workouts and mini-cardio challenges

    - Full itinerary of weekly challenges

    - Body Measurements and weight taken by us

    - Full recipe EBook plus calorie and macro nutrient breakdowns

    - Daily content and motivation from your coaches

    Sound good? 😍

    Let’s get you signed up ⬇️

    Step 1. Simply use this link to sign up 📝

    Step 2. We’ll add you to our Private 5 Week Challenge Group 🤗

    Step 3. Complete each of the weekly tasks assigned to you by your coaches 👍🏻

    Let’s go #NLF5WeekChal